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Dr Alan Richardson, Head of College

Message from the Head of College

We are delighted that you are looking at our website and TESOL / TEFL online course offerings. From our extensive experience of teaching English to students of a wide range of nationalities, we have developed highly successful training of new English teachers. Above all, THE TESOL COLLEGE works to contribute to the English teaching profession.

Our courses go beyond the ordinary. This is because we want you to emerge as a  skilled, knowledgeable, imaginative, reflective and confident practitioner in the fascinating world of English language teaching.

We established THE TESOL COLLEGE in 2011 in Singapore with the aim of delivering quality TESOL/TEFL teacher training. Maintaining our links with Asia, our work has now moved to the UK. We are registered in Scotland, from where we reach out globally through online and partner school classroom delivery of teacher training courses.

The College mission is to work in the global community with development of teachers of English as a second language. To contribute in this, we are particularly keen to expand the confidence and standing of teachers who are non-native speakers of English. Non-native speaker teachers are in the great majority throughout the world. Our Academic Board, with members working in three continents, has a wide and globally relevant vision to help implement and maintain our high standards.

The COVID-19 pandemic has recently brought about a re-evaluation of teaching delivery methods. As a result and as online courses increase in popularity, video sessions are becoming the norm. We now include regular ZOOM support sessions in our Diploma level training.

Finally, we invite institutions and individuals to apply for approved training provider (ATP) status. ATPs are partners to deliver our courses in the classroom. We are particularly interested in appointing ATPs in Africa and in Asia. Email

Dr Alan Richardson
Head of College

Mrs Eve Hirst, Academic Board
Eve Hirst, Academic Board Member
Dr Ganzul Gantuya, Academic Board
Dr Ganzul Gantuya, Academic Board Member

London Teacher Training College

THE TESOL COLLEGE is a partner of London Teacher Training College for delivery by online learning of both their LTTC Diploma in TESOL and the LTTC Graduate Diploma in TESOL. www.teachenglish.co.uk

British Education Centre, Singapore

British Education Centre, top LTTC school in Singapore and SE Asia, is an approved training provider for offering TESOL College Certificate courses by classroom study in Singapore. www.britisheducationcentre.co


Take our TESOL COLLEGE Diploma in TESOL by classroom study with SNEJD in Douala, Cameroon. www.snejd.com


SYLVAVIEW recruits for our courses, bringing expertise to help entrants from Nigeria gain the most from an online TESOL/TEFL course. www.sylvaview.com

Scottish Association of TEFL
THE TESOL COLLEGE is an institutional member of the Scottish Association of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. www.satefl.co.uk


We are registered with UKRLP, the UK Register of Learning Providers. Our UK Provider Reference Number is 10066441. The UKRLP is a one-stop portal for government departments, agencies, learners and employers to share key information about learning providers. Approved registration with UKRLP means that we are verified against a recognised legal source in the UK. www.ukrlp.co.uk

Where we started – delivering teaching of English and teacher training in Singapore