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The IELTS test is growing rapidly in popularity. It is a high-stakes test for entry to university courses for foreign speakers of English. It is an indicator of ability in English for immigration. It is increasingly an accepted test within countries of Asia to show general ability in English. Teachers of English are becoming more and more involved in preparing students for the IELTS test.

This qualification goes beyond the usual for teaching IELTS preparation; it brings in IELTS-related language error that you can expect in speaking and writing from Asian students and particularly from Chinese language to English. The course has been built using the experience of teachers of English in Asia and of TESOL trainers in South East Asia.

The aim of the course is to allow holders of TESOL/TEFL/CELTA qualifications to extend their knowledge of the IELTS test and to become confident deliverers of courses preparing students for the test, particularly to Asian native and non-native speakers of English.

Lingehswari speaks about taking this course by classroom delivery
at our partner school in Singapore, British Education Centre

Entry Requirement
You will be completing or will have completed a Diploma in TESOL, Certificate in TEFL, CELTA or similar course or will be a practising English language teacher with a minimum of two years EnACTIA Certificateglish teaching or TESOL/TEFL teacher training experience. You will have a working knowledge of the IPA phonetic symbols.

This Advanced Certificate in Teaching IELTS (Asia) is designed for delivery worldwide by THE TESOL COLLEGE from the UK as an online course and also as a classroom-taught course in Singapore through our partner school, British Education Centre.

Our Advanced Certificate in Teaching IELTS (Asia) holders are, since the launch of the course in May 2016, from Australia, Singapore, Cameroon, South Africa, Britain, China, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Course Duration
A commitment of at least 50 hours is expected. Maximum completion date and date of submission of assignments are within six months of the commencement date.

Course Structure

                                    UNIT 1   THE IELTS TEST

                                    UNIT 2   STUDENTS AND COURSES
                                    UNIT 3   VOCABULARY
                                    UNIT 4   LISTENING
                                    UNIT 5   READING
                                    UNIT 6   WRITING
                                    UNIT 7   SPEAKING
                                    APPENDIX 1   RESOURCES
                                    APPENDIX 2   FURTHER READING

Course Materials
Course materials include comprehensive course notes for Units 1-7, handouts of IELTS test materials, lists of resources and further reading. The notes are augmented by links to videos and other resources.

There is no course textbook, but an informative list of suggested books for delivering courses to your students is given in Appendix 2 of the course notes.

Course Fee
£90         There is no VAT (GST) to add

Two written assignments. There is full online tutor support to guide you on your assignments.

Alan obtained his Bachelor Degree and PhD at the University of Bradford, UK. He became a registered teacher in the state school system and subsequently worked in education and research (Senior Research Fellow, University of Leeds and. In 1993, he moved from the UK to be a senior lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic. He obtained a Certificate in Teaching (University of Sheffield, UK in collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic). Since 1998, he has worked at institutions such as MDIS as Academic Director and has taught English at the National University of Singapore (Extension), APMI KAPLAN and other schools. He has been training new teachers with the London Teacher Training College Diploma in TESOL from Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and the UK since 2005. He created British Education Centre in Singapore to specialise in teacher training in 2007 and has now developed THE TESOL COLLEGE in Scotland to provide quality global online TESOL training.

Eve obtained her BA (Hons) in English at the University of Durham, UK and then worked in training, developing English skills within the EDI and City & Guilds examination systems. Moving from the UK to Singapore in 2011, Eve then taught IGCSE and A Level, preparing students for Edexcel English language examinations as well as English for Academic Study. At the same time, Eve studied for her Diploma in TESOL. She also developed her interest in English with drama while working with 12 to 20 year-old students. Eve returned to the UK in 2013 and taught English in Sheffield at training institutions, building on her experience with cultural diversity. She worked in government schools, augmenting her experience in the private sector. Eve now works in Vancouver, Canada at an international college, teaching particularly upper intermediate ESOL and helping students with IELTS preparation. 



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