Certificate Validation Service

A growing problem in education is the proliferation of fake certificates, diplomas and degrees that damage recruitment for companies and progression in education, https://thepienews.com/news/75-of-admissions-staff-cannot-detect-fake-certificate/ .

The Certificate Validation Service assists education institutions, schools and employers to verify a qualification presented to them by a candidate. This is for a TESOL COLLEGE qualification, checked with our Registry. In this, we are pleased to work with Qualification Check, a well-established leader in academic and professional verification who provide a global verification service for 40,000 trusted qualification providers in over 190 countries. With Qualification Check, you can receive a full view of your candidate, no matter where they graduated from. Present the information requested by Qualification Check to them, contacting them by email (below) and we work with the request to promptly respond to your inquiry.

Qualification Check

Qualification Check
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