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The Philippines is a country where Tagalog and English are used. English is widely used and spoken with an American accent. It is also the main medium of instruction in education. It is the language used in the practice of business and law. In addition to English teaching in the state system, there is a thriving private school sector and the latter attracts many other nationals from Asia who come to the Philippines for affordable living and learning of the language. For more, and for the need for more teachers, refer to .

There are excellent job sites for teaching in the Philippines for both Philippine nationals and others wanting to travel and teach in the country. Try:

If you are in the Philippines, we offer the London Teacher Training College Diploma in TESOL by online study to you. This is by special arrangement with London Teacher Training College. They know of the TESOL training experience in Asia that we bring to bear on creating course materials which are extra-focused on trainees in SE Asia.

Our knowledge of teaching for this Diploma comes from our Head of College founding and developing British Education Centre (BEC) in Singapore, delivering this Diploma beginning in 2008. BEC is now the TOP SCHOOL in Singapore and in South East Asia for number of graduating students with the London Teacher Training College Diploma in TESOL by classroom study. For more on how well this has turned out, please look at Many trainees from the Philippines attended the Diploma in TESOL course in Singapore.

We are proud to have helped English language education in Asia by training nationals of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Japan, India, Korea and other countries.

We are especially keen to continue to train non-native speakers of English as future teachers for working in the the Philippines and the region. Our online courses give you confidence in different teaching methods, lesson planning, spoken English issues, teaching techniques, and all the other things you need for the classroom.  We wil continue to help build the non-native speaker teacher base in Asia, training confident new teachers who will go forward and change lives.

For visas for teachers from other countries:

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